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Environmental Services

The ORIGINAL Bio Rem Company since 1989

Soil & Water Decontamination Services

BIO REM was founded to take advantage of the newly approved bioremediation process for the clean-up of hydrocarbon contaminants in soil and groundwater.  We can clean up anything from  a corner gas station to a large superfund site. 

We are an environmental company with our core business being insitu treatment of soil and groundwater in order to biodegrade petroleum and hydrocarbons.  Our claim to fame is our exclusive H-10  product technology that we use to biodegrade contaminants.

Indigenous bacteria is present in the environment that will biodegrade hydrocarbon contaminants.  The problem is there is NOT ENOUGH indigenous bacteria in the site to clean the site - we provide Bio Rem's H-10 100% natural cultures that supplements the indigenous bacteria.  Through proper on site propagation we establish natural microaerophillic bacteria colonies and then introduce the H-10 natural occurring bacteria to the area of contamination.

The use of bacterial cultures as a means of remediating hydrocarbon contaminants dates back to the early 1950s.  The Bio Rem, H-10 Product was developed over a period of ten years in the 1980s.

In January 1990, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) first allowed bioremediation to be conducted for the clean-up of hydrocarbon contamination in soils and groundwater. The State of  Indiana first allowed bioremediation in April of 1990. Bio Rem, obtained the first approval to conduct Insitu Bioremediation in Indiana in May of 1990. The company has since continued to expand from coast to coast. Bio Rem,  has also expanded to the international market with business in Canada and Europe.