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Pro-Active PVC IV preventative irrigation system installation.



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Preventative PVC remediation for use with Bio Rem H-10ô bacteria applications over new tank field.



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Pro-Active PVC IV preventative irrigation system installation for Marathon Station         




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Preventative Irrigation System completed.



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Bio Rem H-10ô remedial insitu treatment at Kaufman Radiator. Located in NE Ohio



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Kaufman Radiator Remedial project completed and NFA issued by BUSTR.



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Tank Removal



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Bio Remís H-10ô remedial process does not need the introduction of oxygen or other nutrients after installation



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Bio Remís H-10ô remedial process does not need other mechanical devices after installation.



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Bio Remís H-10ô  remedial process can be installed directly through borings or wells.



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 Soil Mound



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Only a single application using Bio Rem's H-10ô bacteria is  necessary to complete the remedial process.



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Track hoe used to slurry H-10ô after application.



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Bio Remís product can work in severe climate conditions.



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No repetitive material handling or oxygen installation hardware is necessary with Bio Remís H-10ô bacteria remedial process.



Ohio_Site_16.jpg (26621 bytes) 

Bio Rem has completed successful above ground soil remediation for multiple Goodyear sites.



Ohio_Site_17.jpg (37075 bytes)   

UST tank cavity monitoring, and H-10ô  application.




Ohio_Site_18.jpg (50380 bytes)    

Waste oil separator removal conducted for Research Oil Corporation.





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