Bio Rem’s process is the most effective commercially available method of Insitu Bioremediation. Its advantages over other bioremediation methods are many. Bio Rem’s process does not require excavation of the contaminant plume, nor does it require “Air Sparging”, or addition of oxygen compounds, e.g. hydrogen peroxide. Bio Rem’s process does not produce particulate matter and, unlike land farming and/or aeration, does not release VOC’s into the atmosphere. The Company’s Process does not require a bioreactor, fixed film or otherwise, and does not require constant nutrient loading. Because Bio Rem’s Process is Insitu, substantial savings can be realized over other methodologies regarding time and money.



1) Insitu Treatment (no need to dig up soil). Requires removing soil.
2) Minimal business disturbance – business can continue to operate throughout the entire process. Business disruption – sometimes closing operation for weeks and years.
3) No equipment remains on the site. Requires some mechanical system placed on the site for a period of time
4) Meets zero air emissions standards. Have difficulty meeting zero air emissions, may need clean air permit.
5) Guaranteed to clean the site to below actionable levels. NO guarantee.
6) Flat price to clean the site – no O & M add on. Pricing may also include extra for O & M.
7) Require no additions to the soil. Requires addition of nutrients, oxygen or both.
8) Effective in a wide range of soils, temperatures, types of contamination. Faces significant limitations in ability to treat in various types of soils & contaminations.
9) Does not stimulate or detract from natural indigenous bacteria. May over stimulate more aggressive pathogens or eliminate natural indigenous degraders.
10) Can treat under existing structures. May not be able to treat under existing structures (especially when tilling of soil is required).
11) Cost is usually 25-50% less than other technologies to clean the site. Usually more expensive to clean a site.
12) Utilizes non-toxic, non-pathogenic naturally occurring bacteria.  May not meet same criteria
13) Qualifies under state reimbursement funds. Qualifies under state reimbursement funds.
14) Meets standards of the Clean Water Act before placement in the plume.  Depends on type of technology.
15) Eliminates liability. Retains liability.
Insitu Bioremediation is the ONLY permanent Solution!!