H-10™ Microbes

The strains that have been identified by Bio Rem, which are not genetically altered, have been named and are known as microaerophillic.  H-10™ is a formulation of specialized 100% natural occurring microaerophillic bacteria, which depend on hydrocarbons for their proper growth.  It is a proprietary blend of microaerophillic bacteria and micronutrients. The strains are cultivated, fermented and harvested. Nutrients are added to provide growth. The nutrients will provide  nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for growth. Finally, wheat germ is used as a shipping media. The product is then dry packaged in five-gallon plastic lined pails for shipping. For purposes of identification the product has been named Bio Rem’s H-10™ formula. The formula does not require the addition of oxygen or oxygen producing compounds (ex: hydrogen peroxide). The microorganisms are called “microaerophillic” because they utilize the available oxygen contained in the subsurface soil and the groundwater.  Only a natural water source is used to initialize and grow the cultures on site. When this bacteria is properly applied, the contamination is digested over a period of time until the food source is gone and the problem is solved. Bio Rem’s H-10™ is non-harmful to the environment, plants, animals, and people.

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