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January 18, 1993

Mr. David 0. Mann

Bio-Rem, Inc.

Dear Mr. Mann:

After reviewing the material you sent me concerning the toxico- logical testing of the Bio-Rem H-10 biochemical additive, I have come to the following conclusions:

1.     The product poses no significant health threat or long-term hazard to persons microbial formulation. This type of exposure would exclude direct inhalation of the powder (before mixing into solution) and any direct contact with the eyes.

2.     Persons directly handling the powdered microbial amendment should wear full safety goggles and a respirator approved  for nuisance dust to avoid any eye or inhalation exposure.

3.     Skin contact should be avoided only if a dermal allergic reaction is after handling powdered or a precaution.

Bacteria in the formulation, although they are listed as opportunistic pathogens, are typical of soil microorganisms and should pose no threat greater than that of typical topsoil when exposed to any dermal cuts or abrasions. However, as a precaution, any large cuts should be protected from direct contact with the formulation.

If you have any questions concerning my recommendations, please contact me.


Brian s. Hooker, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Chemical Engineering